Moda Display is a sort of global  Electronic Catalog showcasing select merchandise from the individual Electronic commerce platforms (B2B)  of qualified Italian Fashion manufacturers (or distributors).

This is a great FREE service to find the "made in Italy" products you have been looking for! You can:

This service is for WHOLESALE Buyers only, not for Consumers.

Please keep in mind:

  1. Moda Display is a service deployed by the ItalianModa Marketplace where you can find a selection of products taken directly from the online Wholesale Stores of several Italian manufacturers currently joining the marketplace.
  2. A list of those Wholesale Stores of Italian fashion products (clothing for women, men and childre; leather handbags; shoes; leather goods; neckties and silk scarves; lingerie and underwear; beachwear and bikini; knitwear; costume jewellery and jewels; linens and home textiles; fabrics for clothing and furnishing) can be found at the ItalianModa Wholesale Stores.
  3. Moda Display DOES NOT sell any products: it offers free tools to find your favorite Italian fashion products and make direct contact with the Italian manufacturers.
  4. Moda Display is a completely FREE service offered to your business by the ItalianModa Marketplace. If you are not a registered user of the marketplace yet, we recommend you to register now, for free! Register here and write your request to get in touch with selected Italian fashion companies you want to purchase from.


The Moda Display service is provided by the ItalianModa marketplace, which is owned by Srl, the Italian company leading the way in advanced E-Business solutions for the fashion and textile industries.

Established in 2000, the ItalianModa company operates other 8 B2B marketplace in other countries and offers its marketplace platform technology for similar projects funded by private companies or associations. More, it offers unprecedented skills to deliver visibility to such platform, in order to attract a large volume of qualified traffic.

ItalianModa is well know also for its one-of-a-kind Electronic Commerce platform ("Moda Catalog") for the fashion (and textile) industry, in B2B, B2C or both flavors. The second-generation Moda Catalog platform is unrivalled on the market and offers an amazing range of tools and service making it extremely powerful and flexible. It has been designed and developed from scratch just to match the specific and demanding needs of fashions, textiles, and similar products. If you need a cutting-edge professional E-Commerce platform for your business, Moda Catalog is your choice. 
Feel free to ask for additional information or for a price quote. Write to , describing in details your business, the products you sell, your goals and your budget for the Electronic Commerce project.